Privacy Policy


CMCC Fitness is committed to protecting the privacy of all its customers. We take the protection of your data very seriously. When we collect your information, it is stored securely and kept confidential. All the data received from our clients is used only for the purpose of fitness products and services. The use of this information is first consented by the customer. CMCC Fitness adheres to the General Data Protection Act in Ireland. We take all necessary steps to implementing these policies governed by Irish laws and regulations.



When any person (or individual acting on another person’s behalf)  inquires to our company about a service or product, we collect the personal data given such as your name, address, phone number, gender, email address and payment information, as per of our agreed terms and conditions. We keep your personal information on file for the necessary time needed. The reasons are due to customer care, industry regulations and auditory requirements. CMCC Fitness does not share any personal info with any third party organisation without consent by the customer.

We want to give our customers the safest and most satisfactory experience. The personal information we collect from you is used for the following purposes:

  • To understand the health and fitness needs of any potential client

  • To identify and communicate to all our current clients if there is an issue with our terms and conditions

  • To promote/amend services and products if permission was previously granted by the customer

  • To process and notify customers of attempted and completed pre-authorized transactions

  • To notify any changes or issues to payment information that has been given by the customer for agreed services

  • To gather feedback from customers about our service, thus helping improve company policies and standards



When you inquire to CMCC Fitness about a product or service, the company implies that you have issued consent for this transaction. The personal information given will be used for this specific reason (as outlined per privacy policy) or for any further communication following your initial contact with the company. If you wish to withdraw your consent for any such purposes, you may inform a director of the company at anytime, by contacting us at



CMCC Fitness will not disclose any private information about any of its customers as per privacy policy, unless there are reasonable grounds by a licensed national or government agency (or body), to retrieve such information that complies with the law. The company may also have to disclose your personal information to such an agency if you choose to violate our terms of service.


In order to protect your payment information, we take all precautions into account to make sure it is not handled incorrectly and gets misused. When receiving your credit card information, the information gets encrypted using a secure server layer (SSL) and all the data you enter before sending to us is protected against all unauthorized access. The SSL certificate installed in our website provides full security for online communications as well as ensuring that all our transactions are password safe.

Cookies are messages that are issued to us when you visit our website. It allows us to evaluate how many times you have visited our site by having notifications passed to our web browser. We currently don’t use cookies but will update our policy for your information if we decide to implement this feature.



CMCC Fitness has the right to implement changes to their policy at any time. As our terms and conditions may change on our website at any time, we may decide to update this page if deemed necessary. It is the consumer’s obligation to check the policy if in need of any clarification about our privacy policy.


CMCC Fitness is committed to protecting your privacy at all times. We ensure on a daily basis that all information is handled and used for its necessary means and will inform our customers if needed to any changes implemented in relation to their information.